Salming Distance Women's Running Shoes SLM12800215301

Salming Distance Women's Running Shoes SLM12800215301
Salming Distance Women's Running Shoes SLM12800215301
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  • TGS 62/75° - Assures that the shoe bends in exactly the right places, stimulating the foot’s natural lateral and forward movements.
  • Exo Skeleton - The Exo Skeleton design stabilises the foot in lateral movements and relieves pressure at the MTP joints (Metatarsophalangeal joints).
  • RunLite™ Midsole - Features a special High Abrasion Injection EVA, designed to create a nice feel for the ground.
  • Torsion Efficiency Unit™ - Brings sturdiness to the shoe. It is appropriately placed to generate maximal running efficiency.
  • 3 Layer Construction - A first layer of mesh material adds comfort, while the middle stabilises lateral movements and reduces pressure on the foot. The exterior thin net mesh encapsulates and wraps up the front in a neat fashion, adding durability to the shoe.
  • Lightweight Outer Sole - Lightweight yet with sticky characteristics, our blown rubber compound is strategically placed to provide you with great grip in all slopes, twist and turns you might encounter.
  • Tear and Wear - This particularly durable outsole material is used to further enhance the long-lasting characteristics of the shoe. The special rubber compound will get the most mileage possible out of your shoes.
  • Drop: 5 mm
  • Weight: 195 g
  • The 4 Cornerstones of Natural Running

    1. Posture Stand tall. Feet straight ahead. Knees soft (not locked). Relaxed arms to sides at a 90-degree angle. Relaxed shoulders. Use compact arm swings. Avoid crossing the body centre line. Lead with your chest. Push your hips forward (don't sit).

    2. Foot Landing

    Contact the ground with your midfoot first. The entire foot should land softly underneath the hip line with a bent knee. Run light, avoid pounding - focus on the quick turnover of the feet. Landing on the midfoot makes the best use of your body's natural cushioning anatomy and spring energy.

    Forward Lean

    Lean from the ankles without bending at the waist. Use gravity to help create forward momentum. With correct forward lean you can focus on just lifting your foot and quick feet turnover, instead of pushing propulsion.

    4. Cadence

    Target 180 steps per minute. A quick turnover of the feet increases efficiency and reduces ground reactive forces. Aim for the same cadence jogging as running at faster speed, just adapt the stride length. Please Note: Stride length expands backwards, not forwards! You should never land in front of the body, thereby activating a break force that sends shockwaves through the knees, hip area and lower back, all the way up to the brain.

    Natural Cushioning Anatomy

    With a midfoot strike under the body's centre of gravity, your body's own cushioning properties can be utilised to a full extent with minimal energy loss. This engages the body's natural spring mechanism - over 50% of the mechanic energy at footstrike is stored and released by the arch and Achilles tendon alone.

    Balanced with Gravity

    A low drop from heel to toe gets you balanced with gravity and facilitates a correct foot landing. An elevated heel makes you unbalanced.

    Running Gait

    Your foot should strike the ground midfoot or at the ball of the foot under the centre mass, so you can start a new stride by lifting the leg instead of pushing off. This makes it easier to run with a quick turnover of your feet, less impact, less rotational force and less use of propulsive muscular force. This is in opposition to the Walking Gait, in which you strike the ground with your heel first and roll your foot to the toes and push propulsion.

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